A review of BigO Productions

BigO Productions is a company that produces music specifically concerts and managing events. We endeavor to to fuel a novel brand of musicians to earn a living from their talent and hard work.

We promise to present a classy customized service from our modernized art studios.

Our secret of success lies in our varied team of highly talented composers and musicians is guided by Olivier Martelly (Big O), a renowned artist from Haiti, who's music is a novel Caribbean "Pop" interspersed with Haitian rhythms.

Additionally, Big O Productions groups together artists at a regional and international level to display their performance in various nations worldwide, to expose the diverse cultural variety that actually makes up the music business.

Martelly, who is well known for his innovative style of music, is also the founder of BigO Productions. He founded the music company in the spring of 2007 keeping one main mission in mind: to bring forth novelty and a trademark sound mixed with a new twist to music fans worldwide.

Martelly's music production company is exclusively in composing and producing a great variety of musical brands, spanning zouk, techno, compas, R&B, reggae and dance. Music is an added medium in the Martelly family with four music artists, Michel-Olivier's father Michel Martelly (also known as Sweet Micky) and his brothers Sandro Martelly (also known as Dro) and Yani Martelly and two exuberant music listeners and ardent fans, his mother Sophia Martelly and his sister Malaika Martelly.

Olivier Martelly's production experience goes back to 2009, the same year that BigO Productions originated. In July 2015, Olivier Martelly along with his company put together a free concert showcasing Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne especially put together for rap and hip-hop music fans in Haiti. The proprietor of BigO later on commented that the concert was vital to him because he strives to deliver hope and unification to the people of Haiti through the medium of music.

The musical concert was organized by Swizz Beatz in association with Haitian music production company, Big O Productions, with the main purpose of delivering hope, peace, optimism and a stage for unifying the people of Haiti through the media of art and music.

The six-hour show also showcased performances by local artists from Haiti and DJs including Barikad Crew, T-Micky and DJ Tonymix. Notable among the glitterati attending the show were Andre Berto, Bu Thiam and Kate Upton.

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